Terms and Conditions

These are all the terms and conditions for ZORALab in Generals; products specifics; and services specifics. These documents has overlapping effects depending on their detailed clauses.

Generic Coverage Approach

ZORALab takes a different approach by abstracting a generic Terms and Conditions applicable across all ZORALab products and services before superseding the contents with specific terms and conditions.

This has numerous benefits:

  1. Less overlapping read-up — You don't have to read the same contents over and over again.

  2. Maintainable — It makes the already thick and cumbersome maintenance work easier.

  3. Specific and Accurate — Due to the simplistic approach, the legal coverage can be pinpoint accurate and specific, be it in general or specific to a product or a service.

Explore Termsheets

Here are the readily available termsheets for the their respective targeted audiences. They are written mainly for ZORALab Enteprise for operating its platform, products, and services safely: