Model Release Form

This section is the ZORALab Enterprise's model release form document. It is for releasing all human models (homo sapien) in media related materials like image and videos.

Version v1.1.0 (Latest)

Version v1.1.0 contains the following changes from previous version (v1.0.0):

  1. Updated letter head to reflect latest credentials.

  2. Allows multi-line address form for long addresses.

  3. Remove spacing for model signature to avoid confusion with the signing location.

  4. Defined "Release" clearly in Terms and Conditions.

Version v1.0.0

Version v1.0.0 contains the following:

  1. Proper PDF form for on-the-spot filling for both Creator and Model.

  2. Abstracted variable data (e.g. Governing Laws) into form.

  3. Specified terms and conditions of Model's liabilities and accountability.

  4. Specified terms and conditions of Creator's liabilities and accountability.

  5. Specified the timeline and continuity of the release form.

  6. Specified the validity and conditions for Model signature.


That's all for ZORALab's Model Release Form. Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to email at: